The Hideaway

The Olive Grove Hideaway is the Algarve’s largest privately-owned villa. It was bought in 2000, when it was merely the ruins of a farm house by its current owners, who are experienced hoteliers. Their goal was to develop the most spectacular and luxurious estate in the Algarve - the result exceeded all of their expectations. Modelled on a traditional finca - a spanish-style villa - no expense has been spared on quality. From its 11 bedrooms to its six acres of manicured gardens, each part of the property is meticulously thought out and designed to the finest degree of quality and comfort.

The villa was built in mind to accommodate guests who enjoy a higher quality of living, boasting elegant master suites with tastefully chosen furnishings, and a state-of-the-art kitchen where skilful caterers can set up to provide the finest meals. Over the years, the villa has provided accommodation and service to a high calibre of guests such as TV & film stars, musicians, athletes, and global corporate associations.

The Algarve

The Algarve occupies the southernmost coast of continental Europe, which is around 95 miles long and 30 miles wide. It is separated from the Alentejo, the next province north, by a low range of mountains, with the river Guadiana forming the natural frontier with Spain to the East. It divides into three main regions. The dazzling coast, where most of the intensive tourist development is located; the rolling foothills where the agriculture is produced; and the uninhabited mountains populated by stunning cork oak forests.


The most attractive feature of the Algarve is that it combines a variety of exciting attractions in one spot. Spectacular beaches sit next to traditional villages and local attractions like a waterpark, and the fantastic restaurants on the Vilamoura marina. There are also plenty of sporting facilities, including a range of golf courses, as well as a choice of water & extreme sports such as mountain biking and paragliding, all available to experience against the backdrop of the stunning coast and mountain range.

Famous Beaches

Some of Europe’s most alluring and secluded beaches are right here on the Algarve coast, with such a variety, there is sure to be more than a few that will suit your preference. The Praia de Albandeira, completely off the tourist radar, is a tiny beach with a strip of white sand pinched between sun-drenched ochre rocks. The nearby Praia do Anção is an endless, golden stretch of sand with calm seas and rolling dunes behind, perfect for families and large groups. Elsewhere, in western Algarve, is Praia do Amoreira, where endless rock pools harbouring starfish and sea urchins will delight your children when exploring the beach, with great surf and plenty of sand for playing.

  • From infinite stretches of white sand, to rocky cliffs and good surf, the Algarve boasts a variety of spectacular beaches
  • Our staff can give you recommendations at any point during your stay


The Algarve is pleasant all year round, with an average high of 21 degrees Celsius in the winter, and 45 in the summer. The mountains in the north of the province shelter the coast from the cold continental air in winter making the climate very mild, but there can be some erratic rainfall from the Atlantic fronts. July and August are the hottest and busiest months, whereas March and June tend to be cooler but still warm - a great time for walkers and sightseers. September and October are also great times to visit as the town is less busy but the weather still pleasant.

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